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Welcome to the official McQuillin page. Here at McQuillin, we strive to bring you the highest quality and most luxurious, with speed, cars, for you.

Welcome to McQuillin.

This is the official site of McQuillin Automotive. Not bad. McQuillin is Canada's first Hypercar manufacturer, based out of St. Catharines, Canada. The main goal for McQuillin is simple: "Be the fastest, luxurious-but above all, strong."

Driving: Taken to a whole new level.

If your looking for well-built cars, convenience, and professionalism, then McQuillin is the best choice! Being located in Canada, McQuillin was able to give me a quote in the fastest amount of time possible! With high availability of customer service, I rate them a 10/10. You will most certainly not regret it!!

-Tyler Kennedy, Canadian drag racer

  • McQuillin CC-Latest News: 3D Development finished, awaiting production materials.
  • Latest company news: Welcome aboard to Yianni Macris; company budget raised.
News and Events

The McQuillin CC prototype is at the moment currently under development, and our goal is to have the final product built and tested by the end of June, and safety and emission test early-mid July.


On August 22nd, 2013, Aeron McQuillin decided that his life-long dream will become a reality, by creating McQuillin Automotive.


The car will be displayed at a car show in Niagara, Ontario. This will be the car's first official public appearance. Aeron McQuillin himself will be with the car.